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Fix your

marketing performance

before you launch it

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We turn marketing

from a gamble into science

We are changing traditional digital marketing. Imagine having a tool that can predict how your marketing campaign will perform before you even launch it. That's exactly what we do.

We are turning marketing from a gamble into a science. With our pre-launch predictions we empower you to optimize your strategies, target the right audience, and craft the most effective content right from the start.

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We empower marketers and advertisers

to minimize A/B testing, accurately estimate marketing budgets, forecast potential ROI, and understand revenue impacts by adjusting engagement rates before campaign launch.

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in a Nutshell

Pre-Launch Predictions

We use advanced AI and behavioral science to predict campaign success before launch. By identifying ideal audiences and customizing content, we boost engagement and conversions.

Using 1st and 0-party data, we craft personalized AI models for precise audience targeting and enhanced ad personalization, independent of

cookies & Co.



We tailor strategies directly from your data with your consent, ensuring accuracy and privacy compliance for seamless, ethical audience engagement.





We simplify complex analytics into actionable insights, freeing you from data science complexities. Focus on strategy and creativity, saving time and resources.

Predict Performance Before You Launch







The Magic

Behind Our Solution

Tech Excellence

We specialize in advanced technologies like Distributed and Federated Learning, NLP, and Computer Vision. Our solutions ensure privacy and scalability while enabling personalized marketing and enhanced ad engagement.

Sci-Tech Fusion

We combine cutting-edge scientific principles with advanced technological innovations. Our fusion approach ensures robust, forward-thinking solutions that address complex challenges with precision and efficiency.

Stellar Team

Wavess innovates at the crossroads of marketing, data science, and academic research. This unique blend ensures a dynamic approach to product development, marrying real-world insights with cutting-edge academic perspectives.

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Selected Clients

Marketing agency, Dubai

A top-tier design and marketing firm strategically expands into Dubai and Riyadh with Wavess' support. During the pilot project with customer, Wavess provided comprehensive social media marketing solutions tailored to their needs.

We optimized customer’s digital presence, enhance brand visibility, and streamline client acquisition strategies. Through personalized consultations and strategic guidance, we achieved significant improvements in engagement metrics, client interactions, and overall brand perception.

Technology company, UK

In collaboration with our client, we launched a successful pilot project to customize technology for UK surveyors, focusing on optimizing LinkedIn posts for better visibility. Leveraging advanced AI, Wavess provided personalized recommendations and identified optimal posting times.

With access to posting texts and LinkedIn data, this partnership facilitated strategic content enhancements, aligning with the client's marketing goals and meeting their customers' needs. The result was increased reach and engagement.

Don’t market blind

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For agencies

You're a digital marketing agency, with a team of 10-15 experts. You manage a high workload, with over 10 clients monthly. Your projects are valued at a minimum of $5K each.

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For scale-ups and enterprises

You have a marketing team of 5+, with a dedicated social media unit reporting to a CMO or performance manager. Your monthly budget, for campaigns and tools, starts at $5K.

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Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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Stop posting & praying

Become a pilot partner

You save time and money

Accelerated content creation saves you time and eliminates A/B testing expenses, reducing costs.

Minimize waste of ad spend

Our pre-launch performance predictions allow you to plan the budget and allocate it with minimal waste, ensuring cost efficiency.

Hyper personalized content

We customize content tailored to your business mission, target audience, and campaign objectives.

Increased reach and engagement

We offer a personalized posting schedule tailored to your specific data, including location, audience, and seasonal trends.

Your benefits

Loyalty discount

After the pilot project, you’ll enjoy a lifelong discount on our services.



We'll grant you premium access to all features and benefits.


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We'll tailor the platform to meet your exact needs, using your data exclusively to design it.

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